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The Voice From Within

It is estimated that 75% of the population fear public speaking, making it the number one fear of Americans, followed by death. Michael Bradshaw Flynn started his career working as a director on Broadway. Including associate work on The Front Page (John Goodman, John Slattery), It's Only a Play (Stochard Channing, Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane) as well as the National Tour of The Sound of Music. Alongside directing Michael now consults and coaches on message building, technical control (vocal and physical), and authentic communication. He enjoys marrying his professional theatrical experience with his political passion for Democracy and that of the political.


Through practical exercises, focused reflection, tailored consultation, and feedback Michael cultivates the voice, polishes presence, and elevates the message of the speaker, solidifying an authentic and distinct impression. Whether you consider yourself a confident communicator or a novice, by means of exploring personal narratives, Michael empowers speakers to weave their truths into effective communication. Having solidified your mission and your message will not only create ease in crafting mail, digital, radio, and tv ads, but more importantly will capture that authenticity and narrative flow in a candidate's speech, whether addressing volunteer groups, Facebook Live audiences, townhall debates, stumping at fundraisers, etc.


A notable improvement in presentation is guaranteed.

Find the power of your message and let's make the world listen!

Virtual, In-Person, or Group Workshops Available

For pricing, scheduling or more questions please reach out @ or call at &570)878-2166

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